With this type of recovery system, composed of 2 interconnected heat exchangers with a separate circuit, the heat transfer takes place through glycolised water which is continuously passed through the extract and supply air by use of a pump. The medium absorbs the energy from the extract air and transfers it to the fresh air.


Compact and flexible liquid-coupled energy recovery system, optimized for situations where clean and uncontaminated air is required.

  • Compact and flexible solution
  • Simple temperature control by 3-way valve
  • Applications: pharmaceutical industry, cleanrooms, hospitals
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Fast Facts

  • Max. air flow rate 90,000 m³/h
  • Yields up to 63% or 67% according to EN308 Integration in CAIRplus & CAIRfricostar
  • Power can be controlled by a mixing valve (in case of no mixing valve: control by switching pump on/off)
  • 100% guarantee of separated air flows and therefore especially suitable if no leakages between supply and extraction are allowed (no risk of contamination)
  • Connection must always be carried out in countercurrent (water inlet side to air inlet side)
  • Several extraction units can be connected to 1 / more supply unit(s)
  • Through the interposition of plate heat exchangers (water/water) these recuperators also enable heating and cooling
  • Category IIa according to EN308
  • Superposition, juxtaposition, mounted separately or in a line
  • ATTENTION: in conformity with Erp Ecodesign 2016-17. For Erp 2018, many rows and low passage velocities are required
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