The unit has been designed to meet the performance and efficiency needs of data centers. Designed for only a down flow air configuration and chilled water cooling, the unit is ideally suited towards rooms which have a 500 mm floor void.


Ultra-DENCO - when performance matters in your datacentre.

  • Large cooling capacity, large airflow, small energy consumption
  • Minimised air and water pressure drops
  • Large coil and large EC plug fans for increased savings
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Fast Facts

  • Available from 50 kW to 200 kW
  • 7 standard unit sizes with footprints from 900 x 1335 mm to 980 x 3310 mm
  • Downflow airflow only
  • Chilled Water (CW) only
  • Large EC fans positioned in the floor reducing air pressure drop
  • Large 6-row coil for increased cooling output
  • High quality, global component suppliers used throughout
  • DENCONET software to enable multiple units to work together
  • Building Management System (BMS) interfaces available
  • Humidity and re-heating options available

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