Room Controller

STRA is a room controller intended to control heating and cooling in after treatment systems. STRA is suited where you want optimal comfort and low energy consumption, for example offices, schools, hotels, shopping centres, airports and hospitals etc.


Controller managing comfort parameters and enabling energy savings.

  • Energy saving functions such as free cooling and energy saving mode.
  • Reliable operation with 4 separate positions.
  • Easy installation thanks to separate basic plate for cable connections.
  • Preprogrammed and simple reconfiguration via dipswitches.
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Fast Facts

  • BMS Communication via RS485 (Modbus, Bacnet or EXOline to operate as stand-alone control or to be connected to a central system.
  • Cooling and heating (water coil or electrical heater).
  • Linear airflow control input for occupancy detector, window contact, condensation detector, CO2 sensor and change-over.
  • Setpoint buttons.
  • Occupancy button (forced ventilation).
  • On/Off or 0...10 or 2...10 V control.
  • Inputs for occupancy detector, window contact, condensation detector and change-over function
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