Recuterm crossflow is the plate heat exchanger range for medium temperature efficiency, ~73%. It is available for eQ Master upto size 072, for as large air flows as 7 m3/s. Recuterm crossflow is ideal for all buildings where there is risk for odour transfer from extract air to the supply air.


Recuterm Crossflow plate heat exchanger with high temperature efficiency and one of the best defrost system on the market!

  • ErP compliant for 2016 and 2018
  • Reliable and efficient frost protection system
  • Very wide flow range
  • Wide flow range
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Fast Facts

  • Available for eQ Master
  • Air flow range up to 7m3/s
  • Heat transfer efficiency up to 73%
  • ErP compliant beyond 2018
  • Reliable and efficient defrost system
  • Frost protection heater available for really cold winter temperatures
  • Controller for sectional frost protection included with PHE
  • Drain tray in stainless steel
  • Available in 16 eQ sizes
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