Our JMv product is a fully cased axial flow fan which offers high-efficiency performance. Each impeller is manufactured from high-pressure die-cast aluminium, which is X-ray inspected using real-time radiography (in accordance with ASTM E-155) to ensure product integrity and quality.


The Woods JMv Aerofoil delivers aerodynamic efficiencies up to 84.8%, low SFPs and significant running cost and carbon emission reductions.

  • Innovative CFD optimized design. Improved aerodynamic efficiency
  • High efficiency design delivers lower running costs: Down by 44.5%
  • Fully cased design – quick, simple and cost effective installation
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Fast Facts

  • Available in 14 diameters, 315 to 1400mm
  • Volumes up to 227,160 m3/h (63.1 m3/s)
  • Static pressures up to 1650 Pa
  • Fan efficiencies of up 84.8% deliver low running costs (reduced by 44.5%) and enhanced SFP values
  • Improved fan efficiencies reduce operational life time carbon foot print by up to 624 Tonnes
  • Fans are tested to ISO5801, BS848 and EN12101-3:2015 (High Temperature)
  • Suitable for Standard temperature, 200°C/2, 250°C/2, 300°C/2 and 400°C/2 smoke extraction
  • Fully compliant with ErP regulation 327/2011 (2nd Tier). Also exceeds 3rd Tier targets (due in 2022/23)
  • Fan casings are hot dip galvanized to offer enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Fully cased design makes installation quick, simple and cost effective
  • Single and two speed motors are available in 50Hz and 60Hz variants. Motor protection IP55
  • Low installed noise levels
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