The Woods Induction Thrust range is the super low profile car park ventilation and fire safety fan. Induction fans use a centrifugal blower with factory fitted inlet bell mouth & guard and nozzle to precisely control the discharge profile.


  • Used for Smoke Clearance, Smoke Control & Pollution Control
  • For use in car parks and loading bays
  • Low profile design to fit low ceiling heights and height restricted areas
  • High thrust output from centrifugal impeller
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Fast Facts

  • 50N, 75N & 100N models available
  • Performance: 50-100N
  • 50Hz & 60Hz models available
  • F300 & F400 certified
  • High temperature isolator
  • 2 Speed and inverter controllable motors
  • Integrated mounting feet
  • High temperature isolator
  • Inlet guard and outlet deflector
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