Our new HyFlex-Geko is part of our innovative fan coil family, for which we have created a new level of flexibility and performance. During the development of the HyFlex-Geko every single technical component has been optimised to maximise performance.


Our new HyFlex-Geko® completes our fan coil Geko® family as a ducted and non-ducted fan coil unit. This quiet fan coil unit maintains a comfortable indoor climate whilst providing a wide performance range at maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to the comprehensive range of accessories and available features the unit can be perfectly adapted to a range of applications.

  • Wide range of “Plug and play” accessories that are factory mounted
  • Low sound power level – 1.8kW total cooling capacity with <30 dB(A) sound pressure
  • EC fan XT – Extended Technology
  • 360° Flex Technology for high flexibility on-site
  • VDI 6022 certified
  • Eurovent certified
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Fast Facts

  • From <1 kW to 8 kW (Heating and Cooling, 4-pipe system)
  • From <1kW to 11 kW (Heating or Cooling, 2-pipe system)
  • Optimised sound power level thanks to individual selection
  • External pressure up to 70 Pa
  • Pressure independent valves factory mounted
  • Easy to clean

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