eQ Prime Side is our standardized range of air handling units in compact casing that are part of the eQ family. The eQ Prime Side has energy efficient components such as ECBluefin, EC-motors, ReCooler HP and integrated controls - ISYteq 4.0. It offers a fully packaged air handling unit loaded with features needed to be the right choice concerning functionality and giving you low installation and operating costs.


Our standardized range of air handling units, offering 8 different sizes with air flows from 0.2 m3/s (720 m3/h) to 6 m3/s (21 600 m3/h). This plug & play solution is packed with energy efficient components, integrated controls and offers energy recovery of up to 86% with an SFP lower than 1,5 kW/m3/s. Compact and functional – bringing installation and operating cost to a minimum. Our integrated controls ISYteq 4.0 makes the unit Smart, Easy to handle and Connected.

  • Energy efficient components and integrated controls
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Short Delivery time
  • Connected
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Fast Facts

  • Available in 8 sizes
  • Air flow range: 0.2 – 6 m³/s (720-21 600 m3/h)
  • Compact design with supply and exhaust air in combined casing
  • High efficiency energy recovery system, Regoterm 270 mm rotor and Recuterm counterflow plate heat exchanger
  • ECBluefin – energy efficient composite impeller
  • EC Motors (IE5) - Maximumsystem efficiency and low sound level
  • Integeated heat pump – ReCooler HP
  • Integrated controls - ISYteq 4.0
  • Cloud connection
  • BMS communication

Product Features

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