The COM4top unit series is one of the most successful air handling unit on the market. The unit is pre-designed in 1 or 2 easy-to-handle parts. The duct connection from the top provides a small footprint. So handling and installation is completed quickly. The inner unit design is based on hygenic demands.


Best in class of size and air handling and space saver for old and new buildings.

  • High performance solution with 2-step heat recovery system via a double heat plate exchanger for heating
  • Web server and a BMS connection
  • Duct connection from the top
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
  • T2/TB2/L1/D1 Eurovent certified casing
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Fast Facts

  • Air flow range from 800 m3/h up to 6500 m3/h
  • 5 sizes for minimized internal air flow speed and low internal pressure drop
  • EUROVENT and RLT certified components and software solutions
  • Casing classification according to Eurovent certification T2/TB2/L1/D2
  • Panel thickness 60 mm
  • Units with or without controller
  • Unit with controller is equipped with a touch screen or USB laptop connection

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