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Air showers are an integral part of cleanroom access control systems and ensure critical manufacturing conditions in such industries as microelectronics, life science, biomedical, aerospace and others. Air showers guarantee that factory equipment is protected from pollutants and contaminating agents.


Air showers reliably remove contamination from clothes of personnel or surfaces of materials entering or leaving a cleanroom.

  • Decontamination is performed by clearing off dust and dirt particles from bodies of cleanroom personnel
  • Maximum efficiency through a high-velocity turbulent jet of clean air of 25 m/s
  • Cleaning cycle with pressure control, door blocking and user control settings
  • Filtration using a pre-filter and HEPA filter
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Fast Facts

  • 2 sizes with different door configurations: High and Low version
  • Total length (mm) 1500 (High version) and 1900 (Low version)
  • Total width (mm) 1300 (High version) and 1300 (Low version)
  • Total height (mm) 3020 (High version) and 2820 (Low version)
  • Voltage supply 3 phases 380-480 V
  • Max. power input 3000 W
  • Max. current 4.6 A
  • Radial fan with backward curved blades
  • Number of nozzles 23
  • Mean discharge speed 25 m/s
  • Air volume range 1220 m3/h
  • Number of air exchanges 440/h
  • Weight 580 kg
  • H13/H14 HEPA filters and pre-filters available as spare parts
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